Office for iPad & iPhone – New Release

For Office 365 subscriber, the September release of Office for iPad & iPhone – Version 2.5 (17090402) is now available in 35 languages. New features are included as:

New Features:

Once you update to it then…

1) MS PowerPoint now lets you share a single slide with others as a new feature.

More info @…

2) With MS Word, you can see where others are working and view changes as they type like the IE version

3) With MS Excel, PowerPoint and Word, go to the Account menu to select if you’d like to be notified when a file you’ve shared is updated or shared with others.

Exciting things for O365…


O365 Improvements

August release of O365 introduces some significant change to the product. In fact they will blow your mind. The first life changing feature introduced is a new template set?

Communications templates. Great templates that leverage the core capabilities of list and libraries to produce a awesome experience for the business ( )




Yammer improvements. A new Yammer activity report for Office 365 users helps administrators understand how their organizations connects across Yammer. The Yammer activity report is now available in the Office 365 admin center. Additional changes introduce Yammer for iPad has been improved with universal search, automatic sign-in, and an updated design.

Co-authoring in Excel.  “With Excel co-authoring, you’ll find it easy to know who else is working in a spreadsheet and view their changes as you work.” This feature is available on Windows for all Office 365 subscribers.

AutoSave in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Office 365 customers who store their documents in OneDrive and SharePoint can now access AutoSave in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This is a feature I’ve actually noticed in Word for the Windows desktop.

New education features for Microsoft Teams. This month, Microsoft Teams picks up a number of new features, including OneNote Class Notebook support, class assignments distributed through Teams, and improved IT controls. These features are available to all Office 365 Education subscribers on Windows, Mac, and web.

Rich profiles in Outlook for Windows. Microsoft is rolling out a redesigned experience for connect with colleagues, external contacts, and group in Outlook for Windows for all Office 365 commercial customers.

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