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New SharePoint 2016

Posted by Jim on May 10, 2015
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SharePoint 2016 build version 16.0.4021.1201 has been shown in Ignite. In Ignite Bill Baer has discussed what will be included in next version of SharePoint family, few of the things are complete and few are still in progress as there is almost a year in the final launch.

With addition of new features, SharePoint 2016 will be covering some of the known issues in earlier versions of SharePoint:

  • Operating SharePoint wasn’t easy
  • Patching and updating SharePoint wasn’t easy
  • Scale and management

I have planned to write a series of blog posts to share details on what’s coming in SharePoint 2016. In this blog post (Part 1), I will share details on new updates in SharePoint 2016 Management.

Hardware Requirements

  • It will remain 64 bit application, recommended RAM for single Server installation is 16 to 24 GB, and for a Farm server it will be 12 to 16 GB. You can see below table for recommended hardware requirements.
Single Server 16-24 X64 1×4 80 GB
Farm Server 12-16 X64 1×4 80 GB








Upgrade & Migration

  • SharePoint Server 2013 is the foundation of next versions of SharePoint.
  • Services Application Architecture of SharePoint 2016 will be same as of SharePoint 2013, PerformancePoint Service Application will be part of SharePoint 2016.
  • SharePoint 2013 can be directly upgraded to SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013 will support for incremental upgrade to next versions of SharePoint.
  • For upgrading SharePoint 2013 to 2016, any site collection with 14.5 mode need to be upgraded to 15 mode, this is required if there is any backward compatible site collection (from SharePoint 2010) then it need to be upgraded to SharePoint 2013 to ensure that they can be upgraded in SharePoint 2016.
  • Detaching databases from SharePoint 2013 and re-attaching to same databases to 2016, this is similar as we do in previous versions of SharePoint.
  • Content migration is also available with no. of different ways, APIs are available and there are many 3rd party tools available for this job like Metalogix, AvaPointe, & ShareGate.
  • No direct upgrade form SharePoint 2010, you need to update SharePoint 2010 site collections to SharePoint 2013 then it will easy to upgrade to SharePoint 2016 as SharePoint 2013 is the foundation to upgrade next releases of SharePoint.


  • SAML authentication becomes a first class citizen in SharePoint 2016.
  • There were multiple authentication providers in SharePoint 2013 like windows Claims, form based authentication, SAML Claims, WSFED and others to provide backward compatibility.
  • In SAML Claims is the default and recommended model but SharePoint 2016 will continue to support Windows Identity.


SMTP connection Encryption

  • In SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint 2010, we always leverage port 25 for any communication, now SharePoint 2016 supports STARTTLS connection encryption.
  • In older versions of SharePoint all the communication through emails, alerts was unencrypted. In SharePoint 2016, we can run on non-default ports which encrypted communication between SharePoint and the messaging service. This can be configurable through Central Administration and PowerShell.