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SharePoint On-Premises -Still Alive

Posted by Jim on October 03, 2014
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SharePoint On-Premises lives on With Microsoft investing so much in their Cloud products whether that’s Office 365 or Microsoft Azure, many have thought that time had been called for the On-Premises version of SharePoint. Well that time is not in sight – not yet anyway! So the next version of SharePoint that we’re shipping in later 2015 will in fact not be the last version of SharePoint server that we ever ship. Sure we’ll see features and changes to these Cloud products more often specially Office 365, long before we see them On-Premises. We might not see some features at all but Bill said, “Microsoft will continue to develop in On-Premises for as long as there is demand for it”. SharePoint 2016 is not going to be the last. We are going to continue to ship SharePoint server on-premises as long as there is a demand for SharePoint server on-premises! Not only that but SharePoint 2016 will ship towards the end of 2015. In late 2015 we are going to launch another version of SharePoint server to our on-premises audience. Read more at: | James Callaghan