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How to configuar Service Providers SP 2013

Posted by Jim on April 30, 2013
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Create a new Service Application Proxy Group with New-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup

I believe one of the much overlooked features available to administrator when configuring SharePoint service applications is the ability to create new service application proxy groups. Out of the box, web applications can have service applications assigned to them by virtue of the default proxy group or the [custom] proxy group.

Unfortunately there is no UI for creating new proxy groups or assigning service applications proxies to proxy groups. So we use PowerShell – obviously!

To create a new proxy group is simple, the example below create a new proxy group called ‘MultiTenant’:

New-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup “MultiTenant”

This results in the following becoming available to us when we are assigning web applications to service connections:


So far so good… However, you’ll notice that this proxy group does not have any service application proxies assigned to it. To assign service application proxies to this new group we use Add-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember. The following example adds the Access Services service application proxy to the newly create MultiTenant proxy group:

$serviceAppProxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where { $_.Name -eq “Access Services” }        Add-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember “MultiTenant” -Member $serviceAppProxy

The above results in the Access Services proxy being assign to the MultiTenant proxy group:


To remove service application proxies from proxy groups is just as simple:

Remove-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember “MultiTenant” -Member $serviceAppProxy

Using the above three commands, New-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup, Add-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember  and Remove-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember you can quickly define and control your very own proxy groups and assign them to your web apps.

Enjoy ……………..