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Performance Point Services – Errors

Posted by Jim on October 24, 2012
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Working with a company in Miama and building out a BI Center we had no trouble building the site in dev, creating dashboards, Excel reports, etc. Everything worked fine, but when we clicked on “Start Using PerformancePoint Services”, we were met with the error page and the message

An error occurred during the processing of /<BI Center>/Pages/ppssample.aspx. Code blocks are not allowed in this file.

Basically, you need to open the affected BI site in SharePoint Designer. Click All Files under Navigation on the left, then in the pane to the right open the Pages folder and click on ppssample.aspx to open it. When prompted to check out the file, check it out. Locate the JavaScript function near the top called OpenDD() and edit the following two lines:

var siteCollection = “<%=SPHttpUtility.UrlPathEncode(siteCol.Value,false,true)%>”;
var siteLocation = “<%=SPHttpUtility.UrlPathEncode(site.Value,false,true)%>”;

And change them to this:

var siteCollection = “/”;
var siteLocation = “/<path to BI Center parent site>/<BI Center site name>/”;

So if your bi center is located at http://server/sites/site/bicenter, var siteLocation should look like this:

var siteLocation = “/site/bicenter/”;

Save and publish a Major version. You should now be able to click on “Start Using PerformancePoint Services” and run Dashboard Designer.

Gooood luck with this!


2013 SharePoint – Top Features

Posted by Jim on October 03, 2012
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Moving to Roll-Out of the new 2013 SharePoint product, here are a few of the new Improvements or new Features coming down the pip …. A lot of interesting improvements that will surely make for a stronger product:

1. Social Features: Activity feeds
2. Support the tools designers use: Flexibility in Branding
3. Offline and Sync of My Site (and other libraries)
4. Shredded Storage
5. Search Engine Optimization & Analytics is in Search
6. Optimized mobile browser experience
7. Rich Workflows
8. Development gets more familiar
9. New App Model
10. Content Search Web Part
Over the next few weeks leading up to Conference in October, I’ll review each of these and explore the impact on the SharePoint community. Look at the social release from yesterday.

SharePoint 2013 Social Features

Posted by Jim on October 02, 2012
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SharePoint 2013 Social

Can you say Yammer ………… (

Social gets some improvements via new functionality, and new features. And it looks a lot like Microsoft Yammer. If you have a chance get and account and you’ll see what’s new for SharePoint 2013 (15 or whatever you want to call it)!
o Keep up to date with social aggregators, discussions, feeds
o Follow people as well as content
o Share personal documents, data, activities, and status updates
o Likes
o and Feed Aggregation
o Community Sites
o MySites/Community Sites and Additional Features.
o People Posts
o Profile changes and updates
o updates on Followed documents
o Any item updates from Followed tags
o Mentions
More to follow as we move towards the release of Microsoft’s new SharePoint Product in Vegas October 14th 2012.

FAST Search is going away in SharePoint 2013 (SP 15)

Posted by Jim on October 02, 2012
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Some of the new features of 2013 Search (1 of 3):

1)      Continuous craw has been added to provide a quick refresh of content every 15 minutes by default

2)      Crawl rules requires no credentials for focused search

3)      Results sources replace Search Scopes

4)      Incremental and Full Crawl still exist

5)      FAST Push is replaced by Crawls

6)      Multiple Farms can use each SP Farms search index (remote Index) with trust between Farms

7)      Site and Site Admins can configure Search Federation

8)      Exchange is now a source

9)      Quarry terms can be appended to search results

10)   New Parsing filters replace Ifilters, but Ifilters still work

11)   Deep dive linking in documents

12)   Meta-data extraction that provides better construction of met-data format

13)   Entity Extraction will be managed in the term store

14)   Ranking, Spelling correction rules have been added


More to Come!

1 of 3

Difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous Events SP 2013

Posted by Jim on October 02, 2012
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SharePoint 2013 (2015) Will have all web parts set up as Asynchronous. This means seaching web parts will be tricky.

The primary differences between Sync & Async event handlers are :

1) Synch Eve Handlers will work before the event is completed while AEH will fire after the event is completed.
2) SEH are mostly used to stop the event from completion in order to validate few things. It means you can cancel the event using SEH while it is not possible to cancel the event from AEH.
3) SEH methods has their method names ending with -ing while AEH method names will end with -ed. e.g. ItemAdding, ItemUpdating are SEH while ItemAdded, ItemUpdated are AEH methods.
4) SEH can be used to Add/Modify the values of list fields while using AEH its not possible as it fires after the completion of event.