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SharePoint Conference 2012

Posted by Jim on June 01, 2012
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November 12-15 2012 ……. mark down the date. Should be the¬†introduction to the new 2015 product.

With Conference 2012 around the corner her are some of the changes suggested for the 2015 product recently reviled by Furuknap:

  • Changes and an overhauled Client Object Model (COM), “making it easier for UI designers and front-end developers to build compelling visual interfaces.”
  • The support a new app marketplace that will create an ecosystem for multitenant apps.
  • A new badly needed Feature – a version for education and training called SharePoint Education.
  • Offer added information rights management in SharePoint Foundation.
  • New workflow looping in SharePoint Designer, eliminating the need for the Visual Studio development environment for that function.
  • Provide authentication via O-Auth 2.0, an open standard that provides cross-platform authentication.

Another thing Microsoft is officially saying: SharePoint 15 will tie closely with the release of the next version of Office, code-named “Office 15,” and with a planned upgrade to Office 365. The cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 service offers online versions of SharePoint, Exchange and Lync now.