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Official SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010 Blogs

Posted by Jim on October 25, 2009
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 Just a takaway from the 2010 SharePoint Conferenc. The following ae the officeal sites for use. There area about nine (9) official Microsoft Office and SharePoint product team blogs that shaoul have the most up-todat information.

SharePoint 2010 Blogs



Lots of new capability built ….. But who will use it?

Posted by Jim on October 21, 2009
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There is a lot to look at in the new 2010 SharePoint Document Library and Document Center. So many items it’s hard to pick one item to review so ……………. Let’s look at the new retention policy changes-  In my eyes as a SharePoint Techno-nerd a big hit and such a sweet improvement. But for the general user base the question is who will really use most of these changes. In current Moss 2007 you can set retention policy for a library at the document library level. And well ……………. 2010 has the improved vision to something that is well beyond belief and it is light years beyond anything on the market.

Going from a Library Policy to a folder in a library with Policy capabilities?

Not only can you manage folder lever policy, you now have the ability to add a disposition policy looping for many set of circumstances. For example you can set one policy to review 90 days by one owner then 90 days by another than a group then add an annual policy and then a two year policy and so on. Again not just on the document library but folder level items in a library.

Taxonomy changes and metadata added too. Some significant thought has been added to this area even to the point of building a Metadata Library and a new concept of tagging information…………………. But will people use it?

I’m currently teaching Document Libraries and file management to a Local Government Agency in Atlanta. Based on these classes there is no one that could or would use this advanced construct. In fact most of them are just having trouble with paradigm shift of file based content management let alone all the features and concept that are working inside a document library? And that may be the rub for Microsoft and the take away for SharePoint 2010?

Lots of new capability built on the existing concepts but who will use it? Who will find the time to extend the new abilities into the mainstream of corporate culture and indeed make the improvements truly effective?

More From 2010 Mifrosoft Conferance

Posted by Jim on October 20, 2009
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Day2ImagePA170013 Vegas 2010 SharePoint

2010 here we come.

There is just too much new stuff …. Overload is approaching and it’s just the first day. So many cool things to discuss. The transition from 2007 to 2010 is like it was with 2003 to 2007 except more. The platform has stayed the same or stable but all the workings have been improved. So to keep this from turning in a line of conscious stream of thought, I’ve decided to set the pass with a few basic categories. So from the Swiss Army Knife of Microsoft tools “ directly taken from the Vice President of SharePoint technologies…………

First and foremost at the heart of SharePoint will always be document management so that the first category we will examine. And in here the first thing that jumps off the page is a new concept called Document Types. All right here is the concept …………. You have a set of documents that need to move through a process I the business like a new client or a project. In 2007 Moss you could build a document library to contain all the documents or build out a work site to expose the documents to a group who are working on the process. Well guess what ……….. Now you have a new option and it’s very cool. You create a Document set that is like a folder but has a wrapper control built on top of it making it easy to set all the permissions and associated work flow from the get go!

Kind of cool …………. It’s a container of documents that can be processed together instead of getting lost in a document library.


More to come …………….Hold on!


My First Peek at 2010 MySite – WOW

Posted by Jim on October 19, 2009
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MySiteHeaderMy First Peek at 2010 MySite

 Heading to the SharePoint Conference 2009 this week so I decided to start early on reviews of the new 2010 product. Lots of changes for sure! This one I found quite refreshing. The new 2010 MySite is a real quality change and an overhaul that will really hit a home run for SharePoint and Microsoft. Totally redesigned layout and design really gives the functionality of the MySite a vast improvement. From the outset you can grasp the intent so much quicker and the look and feel and navigation really lend significant improvements to the user experience.


 While keeping much of the conceptual construction of MOSS 2007 the simplicity of the new style and architecture makes this new a breath of design fresh air. I can’t tell you how many classes I’ve taught teaching how to use a MySite in SharePoint 2003 and 2007 only to find users struggling to grasp the concept of using Web based MySite as their desktop or the starting point for developing documents and managing information. In the new layout, it’s so easy to grasp and the general concept from the quick clean layout. Fantastic!


The top navigation shows the user the main navigation points of a MySite, Recent Activity, Documents, Pictures and the Recycle Bin as major navigation sections.

 Each major navigation point is the neatly expanded into the secondary navigation as you move into sections. No longer do you have to struggle with bread crumbs and the visual layout is simple but attractive to the eye.

 And then there is the ribbon. I was really worried about the ribbon getting in the way of the full page view but it really works here. Dropping down just where needed, the new ribbon MySite design is a wonderful and simple addition that will make document management a pleaser instead of a task. So often users of SharePoint have to be creative to find ways to ease worker usability…. But not anymore. Thanks Microsoft and the design team. What a wonderful improvement.


Getting excited yet? Well the new 2010 is full of great improvements and the conference is the place to see and hear all the good news gospel of 2010. Stay tune for more from Vegas!



Document Libraries………… A Pain or a Paradigm Shift?

Posted by Jim on October 09, 2009
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DocLibDocument Libraries………… A Pain or a Paradigm shift? 

I recently read an article about all the difficulties a business was having trying to use SharePoint Document Libraries and as it turned out I’ve been teaching the subject to a group at a State Agency for the past few months and I’ve heard and seen the same reaction from many of these users as well. So follow me  ………… take a big step!

You get what you pay for ……….. my father use to tell me that all the time and today more than ever I’ve carried that thought into whatever I purchase or when I plan to purchase something. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought something at a lesser cost only to find down the road that I really should have purchased the more expensive model. Paid a little more for quality and capability ………… hey no regrets right! More over there have been so many times when I’ve looked at buying a new product or technology and I’ve waited to adopt wanting to see where my other colleges and friends would go. And then when it caught on I felt silly having not trusted my gut and adopted the right thing early.

So follow me…………! Could the same be true with FILE SHARES and DOCUMENT LIBRARIES in SharePoint? I say Yes!

 As a SharePoint advocated and early adopter of all versions of SharePoint, Go – 2010, I too find it difficult at times to transition from the old file based construct of document management to the new paradigm of SharePoint. Even after ten years of using SharePoint for document management I to still get flustered because it might take an extra step to move this or attach that but never do I ever get so hung up on issues that I want to go back to only having a file based system to work with. Like I said earlier you get what you pay for and with SharePoint you get so many out of the box capabilities added to the process of document management, versioning, alerts, permission control, history, checkout check in, workflow and approval that you really have to except the truth that there is a prices for that kind of robust capability ……. but not a price that would make me want to go back to simply having a file and a folder again….. sorry!

It’s a paradigm shift I tell my classes and once you except the shift …………. Well you need to learn to be creative and approach the new format with the same creative eye that you did with the old format. Find new ways to use the capabilities to improve your performance and except the limitations as just the trade off to have the very best at your fingertips……………………….. Your thoughts?