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Office 2010 Inbound When?

Posted by Jim on August 27, 2009
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The “Microsoft Factory” plans to release its Office 2010 software suite in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, making it the first Office suite to support both versions. As its name suggests, both versions will be available sometime next year. Applications included in Office 14 suite are Word, Excel , Powerpoint, Outlook , Access, InfoPath Designer, InfoPath Filler , Publisher, Groove, InterConnect, SharePoint Designer, OneNote, Visio, and Project.

A new and interesting features of Office 2010 is the addition of a Web-based version of the software. Microsoft announced this feature at its Professional Developer Conference in Los Angeles last September. The company has said there will be a free, ad-supported version. Microsoft is still working out fees for businesses who want a version without ads. A Web-based version would make it possible for Office to run on Linux or the Apple iPhone.

Combined with Windows Vista, Office 2010 is set to push 64-bit onto the masses to support the future plans of SharePoint 64-bit platform 2010 schedueled to enter the market first quarter 2010. Until Office 2010, the suite has only been available in the 32-bit flavor.Theoretically, 64-bit systems can support up to 16.8 million terabytes, though other system limitations make that quantity of RAM unfeasible at the present time. In addition, users who access large databases and spreadsheets as well as those who use multiple programs simultaneously could benefit from the move to 64-bit.The benefits of running Office in a 64-bit environment may not seem very exciting at first, but it could help expedite 64-bit adoption among other vendors. Moving to 64 bits also provides the ability to take advantage of more RAM than the 4GB limit that exists with 32-bit OSes.

Office Property Settings – Effects on SharePoint Search?

Posted by Jim on August 22, 2009
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Office Property Settings – Effects on SharePoint Search?

Many organizations fail to miss one of the key factors needed in getting good quality search performance from SharePoint by missing the connection between rules and process of document properties. Particularly during initial migration projects or even long running systems planning, the importance of correct settings can make significant difference in how SharePoint returns the correct search Results.

How to Set up Office 2007 Personalize Setting

In order  to insure documents are being properly saving in a SharePoint environment, use these simple instructions to change your Office Suite setting. These settings will better serve the use of Office 2007 and other office systems.

Note: All documents need to be opened saved and managed in the Office 2007 suite of tools to insure the most effective use of out integrated systems. If you open a Word 2003 document please save it back as a Office 2007 document.

Step 1). Open Microsoft Word (launch the application) on your desktop.



Step 2).  Click the office button at the top left of the Microsoft Word Application to expose the Administrative menu like the following image.



Step 3).

Click on the tab Word Options button located at the very bottom right of the administration dropdown box and shown below.





Step 4).  Note the “User name” Fields at the bottom of the Word Option task panel. This example has the name jodom with no middle initial showing as the “User name”. 


Change the User name to reflect your correct name in the ERS Organization. This example was changed from jodom to James Odom and the middle initial was added.



Step 6).  Click the Ok button and the edit will be complete.


Note: This change will be reflected in all of the Microsoft 2007 tools such as Power Point and Excel.


by James R. Odom

Windows 7 RTM Now Available

Posted by Jim on August 08, 2009
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Windows 7 RTM Now Available for TechNet Plus Subscribers

 Download your copy of Windows 7 RTM and start evaluating today! 


With Windows 7 fewer walls stand between you and your success. You can run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode and recover data easily with automatic backups to your home or business network. You can also connect to company networks effortlessly and more securely with Domain Join. With all the exciting entertainment features of Windows Home Premium, it’s a great choice for home and for business.

Visit the Windows Springboard portal full of the latest resources for Windows 7 including resources for application compatibility, networking, performance and hardware compatibility, and more.

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