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Can BindTuning Benefit Your Deployment:

Posted by Jim on September 07, 2017
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Yes …yes …yes …Lets just cut to the chase. If you are a consultant, or a system integrator delivering robust SharePoint solutions, how do you seal the deal? Bind Tuning …

Just imagine that next week you are going onsite to do the final architectural and design pitch. You’ve spent the past weeks working on your proposal. You plan to show them the SharePoint test environment you’ve built, which includes sample sites, taxonomies.  Still something isn’t quite right…

You’re not really a design expert and you are using all the same boring out-of-the-box SharePoint branding. In fact, your demo is just like everyone else’s. Problem is, you just don’t have the 80 hours it takes to create a sharp custom theme or incorporate the company’s color scheme along with a modern-look design.

Then you need this tool …

BindTuning is a multi-platform themes marketplace that provides all the tools you need to achieve a custom branding solution for SharePoint in minutes.

If you are building your solution on SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint in Azure, Office 365, 2010,2013, 2016 versions or in’s dedicated, private cloud, BindTuning has a branding solution that fits.

For creating a custom branding solution with BindTuning is easy that even a child can do it. BindTuning’s unique Magic Tool will amaze you! If you have a logo or if you’re trying to match an existing website, use the Magic Tool to quickly create a color scheme to match. It doesn’t get any easier.

The templates are fully responsive, supporting mobile devices out-of-the-box, and the final package includes all the branding resources you need. From master pages, page layouts, to css and JavaScript, all is included.

A current project with an Atlanta manufacturing company proved to be much more than promised. We even got custom support for no additional cost. Amazing ………. Support and help was also impressive.

I totally support and recommend the template and custom WebParts.

You will not be disappointed. If I had only had this for 2000, 2003, 2007 🙁




Want to Learn SharePoint?

Posted by Jim on July 04, 2017
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Anyone looking for structured training and wants to learn some of SharePoint best practices before you engage your next site build – I encourage that you consider some formal SharePoint Training. There are plenty of choices out there by many many providers, from whole-day online training sessions to week-long boot camps. Such training is a great way to take your skills to the next level by learning industry best practices and expanding on the skills you picked up yourself.

Things you can do to learn SharePoint?

1: Start using it

When you want to learn how to drive a car, I am sure you can read books and view videos or listen to friends’ advice. However, until you put yourself behind the wheel and start pushing pedals and shift transmission, you won’t learn how to drive. SharePoint is no different. The best way to learn SharePoint is by starting to use it. Before you start taking formal training, I highly recommend that you test drive the tool and try to do things with it. Whether you will just try to upload and share documents or do more advanced stuff like creating sites and pages, you will get some idea about SharePoint.

2: Become a SharePoint addict

Follow SharePoint blogs, watch videos. When you want to learn SharePoint, as I stated in one of my previous posts, Google is your best friend. There is wealth of information out there on Internet, (and all free too) for you to start using. If you encountered a question or a problem on SharePoint, the chances are, someone else did as well.

3: Attend Some Free SharePoint Webinars

Lots of SharePoint consulting companies are doing free SharePoint webinars these days. They might not necessarily be thorough, but are a great way to learn certain SharePoint topics and review capabilities of SharePoint in general. By the way, I run several SharePoint webinars myself on various topics, feel free to check out a schedule here.

4: Join a SharePoint User Group in your area

Lots of large cities worldwide have some sort of SharePoint User Group (meet ups), meeting regularly to listen to SharePoint experts talking about SharePoint. Also, once a year, big cities also host SharePoint Saturday events, where once a year, on Saturday, they have big, one-day conference with lots of SharePoint experts sharing knowledge about SharePoint. Both of these are completely free and great way to learn SharePoint something in fun atmosphere.

Microsoft Enhances SharePoint Team

Posted by Jim on June 21, 2017
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If you haven checked this out them your missing out!

It’s time for another MS Release with the announced new SharePoint Online user experience improvements that are arriving for Office 365 users.

So many of the user experience improvements promised by Microsoft at its May 4 launch event for SharePoint Server 2016 are starting to take shape. One of them is the team news user experience. It’s now getting centralized at the SharePoint home page for “first release” testers. They’ll start to see it “in the coming days.” Broader product rollout to Office 365 customers is planned for “the coming months,” according to Microsoft’s announcement on Tuesday.

The new Team news gets accessed from the SharePoint tile in the Office 365 App Launcher. It delivers a personalized news feed based on an individual’s active sites, the sites they follow and suggestions offered from the Microsoft Graph. The Microsoft Graph is search technology that underlies various Office 365 services.

Team news is just the latest user friendly addition to the SharePoint home page.

“With the addition of team news, SharePoint home evolves into an intuitive, single location to see what’s happening in all your sites and portals, perform enterprise-wide search, create new sites — and now read all the news around you,” Microsoft’s announcement emphasized.

This has been missing for 17 years and now finally someone listen to the voice of the customer. If you haven checked this out them your missing out!

Power APPS – for SharePoint

Posted by Jim on August 06, 2016
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Microsoft just launched PowerApps, a new Office-like service that makes it easy for virtually any employee in a company to build basic mobile and web-based business apps — and for IT departments to enable them to do so. The new service is now officially available in preview.

All of this data is stored inside of lots of different systems that aren’t typically connected. At the same time, it’s impossible for IT to write new business apps for every scenario and, as Staples stressed, there simply aren’t enough developers to go around to write those apps anyway.

PowerApps aims to take the friction out of the process of writing these apps. Once enabled by IT, users will be able to pull data from both cloud-based and on-premise data sources into their apps. Out of the box, PowerApps will allow you to connect to services like Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dropbox, OneDrive and on-premise database systems like SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP and others.

But is it really a useful tool. Good question. I built server in a demo jut to get a better feel for the capabilities.

Conclusion: Yes … Here’s a link.  A good intermediate tool for users … give it a try. !!!!!!




Challenge – Automate Account Permissions

Posted by Jim on July 24, 2016
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Recently I was engaged to build solutions for an O365 Deployment that would support automation of site and list permissions. How to solve the challenge without having to build tons of custom code … Nintex Workflow systems for O365.

Create User Accounts and Assign Permissions

Simplify the provisioning and de-provisioning across Office 365, Yammer, Rackspace and Amazon by transforming complex provisioning processes into one simple solution. Create and manage accounts across Office 365 and Yammer and spin up or down virtual machines in Amazon and Rackspace, optimizing the efficiency of your cloud infrastructure provider.







Nintex is one of the most innovative tools for use with SharePoint. The simplicity and power of the managed code workflow engine can make even an amateur entry level developer a powerful business modeler. Intuitive Workflow Designer Lets You Do More with Office 365 Try it out here!








New capabilities for 2016

Nintex is building many new features for both SharePoint 2013 and 2016 to help us build solutions faster and with greater flexibility:

  • Online Help means help content will always be up-to-date and will provide links to supporting content on the discussion forum, blogs, and other resources.
  • Nintex Workflow’s designer will be fully compatible with all popular modern browsers.
  • A better Workflow toolbox design will allow workflow designers to find actions more easily.
  • New PowerShell commands will allow us to create scripts for faster, more consistent Nintex product deployments.
  • A better Central Admin experience will provide a better configuration and troubleshooting experience.
  • New workflow actions will continue to pop up in future releases, including the ability to interact with a wide array of third-party applications.


Try it out here! An incredible too for SharePoint (whatever version)


Custom Site Templates are NOT Recommended for Office 365 Sites

Posted by Jim on July 30, 2015
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Custom Master Pages, Custom Site Templates and Sand- boxed Solutions are NOT Recommended for Office 365 Sites | Microsoft Trends


Microsoft is recommending strongly to limit customization such as custom master pages, custom site templates and sand boxed solutions.  There is a general article providing some advice on planning these customization’s here with recommendations on what types of customizations pose the most risk to the sustainability of adopting future changes to the Office 365 user interface.

Recently there was an updated session at the last Teched Europe conference where Microsoft is recommending to avoid using these types of customizations.

Custom Master Pages, Custom Site Templates and Sand boxed Solutions are NOT Recommended for Office 365 Sites | Microsoft Trends

When you start customizing, you’re essentially forking the code from the moment of time when you start building the customization.  As Microsoft adds additional features (which it is doing very frequently), your customization s do not automatically get these features.  In addition, there is no guarantee that your customization s which depend on underlying CSS styles, XML structures, etc. in the Office 365 product will continue to work as Microsoft tweaks these underlying structures.

The key challenge with creating your own site definitions and web templates is that while they are based on underlying out of the box templates (e.g. a Team Site Template) they do not receive any new features from those underlying templates as they are updated.  If Microsoft adds additional features to those out of the box templates, your custom site template does not receive these features automatically – in effect, your custom site template is now based on a moment in time version of the out of the box site template.  This means your custom template becomes further and further out of the date as Microsoft adds additional features.

So readers take ware the pitfalls of the cloud solution. Clients head the advice and mostly …. Microsoft how about helping out with a solution that we can live with?