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2019 – Microsoft officially announced the Next Office version 2019

Posted by Jim on September 29, 2017
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Microsoft has announced Office 2019, the next perpetual Office update and the follow-up to the most recent release, Office 2016. Due for release in the second half of 2018, Microsoft says that preview versions of the latest Office suite will start rolling out in mid-2018.

In the announcement, Microsoft was fairly tight lipped with what to expect. However, the company did tease certain improvements and features we can expect, including enhanced inking, new PowerPoint animations, three D, and more. From Microsoft:

Office 2019 will add new user and IT capabilities for customers who aren’t yet ready for the cloud. For example, new and improved inking features—like pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, and ink replay—will allow you to work more naturally. New formulas and charts will make data analysis for Excel more powerful. Visual animation features—like Morph and Zoom—will add polish to PowerPoint presentations. Server enhancements will include updates to IT manageability, usability, voice, and security.

It’s definitely interesting to see another perpetual license version of Office on deck for release, particularly as Microsoft has put more and more emphasis on its Office 365 service in recent years. “Office 2019 will be a valuable upgrade for customers who feel that they need to keep some or all of their apps and servers on-premises,” Microsoft says. We should learn much more about Office 2019 and what’s new in the coming months as we move towards a preview release


Goodbye Skype, And … Hello….Teams

Posted by Jim on September 21, 2017
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Something unexpected today .. it seems Microsoft appears to be re branding its business communications platform … again. What was formerly called Lync and currently known as Skype for Business is set to be re-branded one more time.

As users were trying to login today to Office 365, some were being prompted with the image you see in this post. Considering that this is coming directly from Microsoft, it would seem that Skype for Business is going to be re-branded under the Teams umbrella which is perhaps a smart move. Teams is a new feature and reminds me’a lot of the  old “Team” Site. More collaboration is always a good thing if your using O365 for ECM.




This will be an interesting next step for Skype. Stay tune!


SharePoint 2016 Feature: Durable Links

Posted by Jim on September 16, 2017
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SharePoint 2016 Feature: Durable Links

New to SharePoint 2016, Durable Links is an effective tool providing link integrity management for documents on SharePoint and Office Online Server. The process works by assigning resource ID to individual documents and the resource IDs themselves are stored in the content database linked with the source documents.

So, when a user selects the Durable Link to a document, the SharePoint Server 2016 searches for it using the resource ID and opens it in the Office Online Server. In this way, Durable Links help in preserving and maintain the integrity of the documents’ linking URLs, even when they are renamed or moved.

So how does it work … let’s take for example. Here is an ID added at the end of the URL like this: fg12g0fcd105b45148d4b6c2f2xx231ce http://sharepoint-site/document-library/document.docx?d=fg12g0fcd105b45148d4b6c2f2xx231ce

What you can see here is that the first part of the URL path is Path Based. Now, if the document is moved to another document library and renamed to say, Proposal, then the new link will be like this: http://sharepoint-site/proposals/proposal.docx?d=fg12g0fcd105b45148d4b6c2f2xx231ce

In the first part of the URL that is path based will change to show the new path and document name, however the ID behind d=remains the same.

Ultimately, what is happens is that when a user comes across the old URL, SharePoint will redirect the user to the document location, which in turn opens the document in the Office Online Server.


  • SharePoint Durable Links provides another great step forward to help prevent the broken links problem in SharePoint documents as it automatically appends a resource ID to documents and makes it easier to use.
  • Durable Links works with documents that can be opened on Office Online Server i.e. MS Office files and PDF; however, it doesn’t seem to work with web pages or list items. (NOTE: In Office 365, as of date of this article, durable links does NOT work with PDF files (but the Document ID link does). PDF durable links (with q=xxx) only seems to work with on premise SharePoint 2016)

So in SharePoint 2016 Durable Links definitely expands on the functionality that the Document ID service failed to do in terms of handling broken links in legacy systems

Something New

Posted by Jim on September 16, 2017
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SOMETHING NEW ….: SharePoint Broken Link Manager

Something new that hit the market a year or so ago is this new tool for supporting broken links . I mean who hasn’t got the call from the Vice Presidents office about links that don’t work? Why does this keep happening?

Well beyond durable links of 2016 there is a real need to have a tool to keep these links working and viable for the system.Broken Link Manager for SharePoint and Office 365.

I honestly think this toolkit is a really great way to support broken links and it’s available in all version. The product will build a report on all links found in your SharePoint Sites, and provide ability to auto-correct these links from within the tool. Perfect for after moving a site, list or library and after a SharePoint migration.

If you have broken links in SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint Online and need to ‘automatically’ convert them to use Document IDs or valid links, then you can use this tool to do just that.

Here is a sample report that can be generated by this tool to help manage and oversee broken links by site over time:

Who loves SharePoint!

Office 365 Updates – August

Posted by Jim on September 08, 2017
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August release of O365 introduces some significant change to the product. In fact they will blow your mind. The first life changing feature introduced is a new template set?

Communications templates. Great looing templates that leverage the core capabilities of list and libraries to produce a awesome experience for the business ( )




Yammer improvements. A new Yammer activity report for Office 365 users helps administrators understand how their organizations connects across Yammer. The Yammer activity report is now available in the Office 365 admin center. Additional changes introduce Yammer for iPad has been improved with universal search, automatic sign-in, and an updated design.

Co-authoring in Excel.  “With Excel co-authoring, you’ll find it easy to know who else is working in a spreadsheet and view their changes as you work.” This feature is available on Windows for all Office 365 subscribers.

AutoSave in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Office 365 customers who store their documents in OneDrive and SharePoint can now access AutoSave in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This is a feature I’ve actually noticed in Word for the Windows desktop.

New education features for Microsoft Teams. This month, Microsoft Teams picks up a number of new features, including OneNote Class Notebook support, class assignments distributed through Teams, and improved IT controls. These features are available to all Office 365 Education subscribers on Windows, Mac, and web.

Rich profiles in Outlook for Windows. Microsoft is rolling out a redesigned experience for connect with colleagues, external contacts, and group in Outlook for Windows for all Office 365 commercial customers.


Death of SharePoint Designer

Posted by Jim on September 07, 2017
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No it’s still alive. Whats was once a staple development tool has been kicked, stretched, deprecated and even call the devils tool by systems admins … but its still around. Not quite as powerful as the old days but still an important tool for those who need a management tool in the SharePoint environment.

Did you know you can use SharePoint Designer 2013 to customize following?

  • SharePoint 2013 On-premises
  • SharePoint 2016 On-premises, and
  • SharePoint Online (in Office 365)

In this post, I want to cover the following:

  • How to download and install step by step SharePoint Designer 2013
  • How to connect SharePoint Designer 2013 to your SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online Sites
  • Explain some of the key features that can be used for in your business applications
  • Show you how to control access and configure settings within SharePoint Designer
  • Explain how to enable and configure Workflow Manager for your lists/Libraries
  • Give a brief of overview of the actions that you can perform on a SharePoint list using SharePoint Designer

More to follow …